Press Release

Schweighofer Fiber starts production of viscose pulp at its site in Hallein, Austria

Thu, Feb 07, 2013

HALLEIN, Austria , Feb. 6, 2013 (Press Release) -Rebuilding of the production site of Schweighofer Fiber in Hallein (county of Salzburg) was now implemented successfully. Since end of January 2013 only high purity viscose pulp is produced. It is for example used for the production of textile fiber. Viscose pulp is in a way similar to cotton - however there are also some advantages of viscose pulp.

The new market focus for products of Schweighofer Fiber is Asia. 100% of the total production (140.000 tons per year) will be exported, 80% (of it) to China, the rest will be exported to Taiwan, India, Indonesia and Japan.

The project "Rebuilding the Hallein site" was already started in September 2011 by the acquisition of the Schweighofer group. The capital expenditure amounted to 56 MEUR. Most of this amount was spent in wastewater treatment with combined biogas generation.

In order to ensure product quality and economic efficiency of the facility, quality assurance and internal logistics were also improved.

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