Press Release

Italy-based CMP producer Sicem Saga installs new debarking plant with drum cylinders to increase production to 130,000 tonnes/yr

Tue, Oct 30, 2012

REGGIO EMILIA, Italy, Oct. 30, 2012 (Press Release) -As part of its development program, Sicem Saga - the production leader in Italy for HW CMP, chemi-mechanical pulp - has just replaced the existing knives debarking plant with a new installation, equipped with drum cylinders. The target of the investment is to increase productivity and the cleanliness of the end product. The wood logs advance inside sloping cylinders which continuously rotate; the friction between the logs and the cylinders walls allows bark split-up, which is then removed through slots on the walls. The new machine has a dual purpose: to improve the pulp quality by eliminating impurities at the beginning of the process and to enable a production increase from the current 100,000 t/y to 130,000 t/y. The investment is a significant part of an extended program under the approval of the local Authorities. This places Sicem Saga at the cutting edge of environmental protection with sustainable usage of Italian energy and forestry resources. With this installation Sicem Saga has made a further step towards the production of the high quality chemi-mechanical pulp, mainly used for coated paper and paperboard.

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