Press Release

Interstate Paper in Riceboro, GA, using Baywood Technologies’ new CommodityPro Manage wood accounting and scaling software package

By Fri, Aug 15, 2014

RICEBORO, GA, Aug. 15, 2014 (Press Release) -Interstate Paper, LLC, a subsidiary of Interstate Resources, went "live" in March using Baywood Technologies' new CommodityPro Manage (CPM) wood accounting and scaling software package. CPM represents the latest innovation in portal technology, allowing Interstate Paper to integrate accounting and scaling operations across each of their three facilities (St George Timber, Newport Timber, and Interstate Paper) using an ordinary internet browser and Baywood Technologies' light-weight scaling application. After considering multiple vendors' products, Interstate Paper chose CPM because of its light IT footprint and the applications ability to create and update accounting transaction across multiple companies using a single transaction within the CPM system. CPM replaces Baywood's TimberFlow and TimberScale products which have been serving Interstate Paper for over 10 of years.

Interstate Paper LLC, located in Riceboro, GA, is one of the last independent linerboard mills in the U.S., supplying Kraft linerboard from 35# to 90# and five high-compression-strength grades: 33#, 35#, 45#, 52#, and 55# to corrugated converting manufacturers. The company manufactures 900 tons per day of Kraft linerboard grades containing 15% - 25% recycled fiber (depending on the grade). Their strategically located warehouses allow them to pre-position inventory and deliver within a day or two or order placement.

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