Press Release

Zhanjiang Chenming sets record pulp production of 700,000 t/yr with Andritz-supplied process technologies at greenfield pulp mill in China

Sun, Nov 25, 2012

GRAZ, Austria, Nov. 26, 2012 (Press Release) -The greenfield pulp mill of Zhanjiang Chenming Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd reached the nominal production capacity of 700,000 t/a in world record time - only 121 days from start-up. It has also produced 100% of the design capacity during the first full operating year, thus achieving another world record. All key production technologies and start-up supervision were provided by international technology Group ANDRITZ. Zhanjiang Chenming Pulp & Paper is a subsidiary of Shandong Chenming Paper, one of the largest pulp and paper producers in China.

In 2009, ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER was awarded the contract to deliver all process technologies for the bleached hardwood kraft pulp mill located in Guangdong Province. The mill was started up in September 2011 and reached its nominal average production capacity only four months later (measured as a 30-day moving average). This represents a new "world record" based upon officially available figures of greenfield pulp mills, eclipsing the record set by another ANDRITZ customer in South America. This extremely fast start-up has an important economic element in that it greatly enhances a mill's return on investment.

ANDRITZ's scope of supply included the wood handling system, the fiberline (cooking, washing, screening, bleaching, pulp dryer, and bale finishing), and the recovery island (evaporation, recovery boiler, and white liquor plant). In addition, ANDRITZ was entrusted with the delivery of the stock preparation systems for the mill's new paper machines.

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