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By PPI Special report Mon, Nov 19, 2012

BRUSSELS, Nov. 19, 2012 (RISI) -New faces and familiar names were both part of the winners' list for the 2012 PPI Awards. Among the 14 awards presented, Miles Roberts, CEO of DS Smith, UK won the CEO of the Year Award and I.N. Guha with BILT's Bhigwan Unit was named Mill Manager of the Year.

Organized by RISI, the PPI Awards honor leadership, vision, innovation and strategic accomplishments within the pulp and paper industry. This year's winners were announced during a gala dinner on November 12, 2012 at the Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels. Laura Esposto, an Italian TV presenter, hosted the gala dinner and presented the winners with their awards.

Company Awards

DS Smith, UK- Business Strategy of the Year

Through the recently completed acquisitions of SCA's former packaging operations, DS Smith has 
become one of Europe's strongest recycled packaging suppliers. Using a reliable track record of
generating value through returns greater than capital costs, DS Smith's integration of French producer Otor, as well as exiting of non-core business areas, such as its recent sell off of Spicers, has provided a clear strategy for growth. The company has also recently completed establishing all of its recycling operations in Eastern Europe.

Mondi Group, Austria- Environmental Strategy of the Year

Mondi's approach to sustainable products involves managing the social, environmental, and safety
and health impacts of its products throughout their life cycles. All of Mondi's plantation forests are
FSC certified and the company has renewed its sponsorship of the Mondi Wetland Program and the Mondi Ecological Network Program (MENP). Further work focuses on energy and water efficiency, and reductions in CO2 emissions.

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd, India- Green Energy and Biofuels Awards

Tamil Nadu is the first pulp and paper company in the world to register a REC project in India and
CDM project in the world. The company has gained both economical and environmental benefits
through the utilization of green biofuel including the revenue from fossil fuel savings of RS 1,977 million and GHG reductions equal to approximately 1.04 million metric tons.

Winners gathered for a gala dinner in Brussels for this year's PPI Awards.

Mondi SCP, Slovakia- Managing Risk and Safety

Mondi SCP has developed a program for managing the safety of contractors, where all incidents
are preventable in "zero harm" workplaces. Through a six-step process for controlled activities,
Mondi's contractors have worked almost four years with a lost time injury over more than 3.3 million working hours, and a 90% reduction in total recordable cases by employees and contractors.

Finch Paper, USA- Promotional Campaign of the Year

The "Digital Field Guide Campaign" was developed with themes in mind - content, data, and
cross-media - that support Finch's strategy to become an educational leader within the digital print industry. The campaign's foundation was centered on providing valuable, tutorial content, such as a "how to" educational piece, titled the "Finch Digital Field Guide," to help customers navigate the digital landscape.

Cascades Fine Papers Group, Canada- Innovative Product of the Year (Graphic Papers)

Checksecur Platinum Enviro tm, Cascades' new security papers product is made from 100% post-consumer fiber and allows customers to reach their environmental objectives while protecting customers from the most sophisticated forms of fraud. Checksecur is optimized for digital printing and MICR-OCR compatible, optically dull, chemically reactive, and can be integrated with the latest security technologies.

Supplier Award

Sanata Technologies Inc., Canada- Breakthrough Technology of the Year

Dipolar Aprotic Solvents (DAS) technology is a unique green technology completely based on the utilization of water paper in papermaking. DAS is designed to provide an enhanced method of repulping paper and improve water quality with a dipolar solvent, and offers significant environmental benefits including lower emissions and water and energy consumption.

Individual Awards

I.N.Guha - Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited, Bhigwan Unit, India- Mill Manager of the Year

Mr. Guha's main goal is to ensure customer service and a focus on the "people & quality" aspects of the business. He fosters a collaborative work culture by developing a partnering network
with various manufacturing units, as well as universities, research centers, customers and end users. His contribution to the Indian paper industry in terms of efficiency improvement has been recognized at the international level, including the PPI Award for Efficiency Improvement of the Year in 2010.

Miles Roberts, CEO, DS Smith, UK- Global CEO of the Year

Miles Roberts, CEO of UK-based recycled packaging supplier DS Smith, was named RISI's European CEO of the Year due to his significant achievements and overall leadership since joining the company in 2010. Under Mr. Roberts' vision, DS Smith has become on the few companies with a good track record of generating value with returns greater than capital costs. The recent acquisition of SCA's packaging division as well as negotiating DS Smith's exit from non-core business areas, such as its sell off of Spicers, has also given shareholders a clear strategy for growth going forward.

Miles Roberts was named Global CEO of the Year, while his company, DS Smith, won the Business Strategy of the Year Award.

Mill Awards

UPM, Shotton Paper Mill, UK- Environmental Strategy of the Year

UPM Shotton's "Every Last Bit" program views the entire mill as a platform to recycle or recover materials and energy. Shotton handles 1 million tons of waste materials per year and returning 99.5% as recycled product, raw material or energy. Projects include recycling water paper into newsprint to an onsite biomass-fired combined heat and power plant produces 30% of the mill's energy and 100% of its steam requirements.

BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd, Bhigwan Unit, India- Water Efficiency Award

Bhigwan has implemented a complete water management program as part of a business strategy to double mill capacity to 320,000 tons per year. Water consumption was reduced from 20.8 cubic meters per ton of paper to 12.8 cubic meters per ton. Further reductions were seen in the shower water and chemical dilution system, and reduced fresh water consumption in all wet end chemicals.

Sappi Alfed GmbH, Germany- Advances and Innovations in Specialty Papers

Fusion, Sappi Alfed's new type of white-top liner, is made from 100% bleached virgin fibers that
ensures a spotless paper suitable for direct food contact. This white liner is designed to replace traditional liners that have a white top coating, offers high quality print quality and ensures high performance for all special finishing techniques.

Mondi SCP Ruzomberok, Slovakia- Efficiency Improvements of the Year

Ruzomberok has increased productivity through improved paper machine efficiency, while
increasing quality and reducing costs. The mill's flagship, PM18, is the fastest paper machine in the world with the "single shoe press" concept, setting two world records. PM17 is one of Mondi's top machines, achieving the highest time and total efficiency, and the lowest total time due to web breaks and down time.

Smurfit Kappa- Advances and Innovation in Sustainable Packaging

Smurfit Kappa's Eco Tray is a corrugated board thermo-formed tray, developed as an ecological alternative to polystyrene and plastic trays. This 100% recyclable tray is versatile, optimizes storage space, suitable for flexographic and high quality printing needs, and offers direct savings on CO2 emissions and environmental taxes compared to traditional trays.

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