Embracing innovation - PPI Awards 2012 Finalists

By Ken Norris Mon, Sep 17, 2012

BRUSSELS, Sept. 17, 2012 (RISI) -The finalists for the PPI Awards 2012 have been announced and the shortlist of potential winners reveal a vast array of new products, strategies and opportunities that pulp and paper companies are creating for the worldwide marketplace. The PPI Awards seem to "have caught the imagination of the pulp and paper industry around the world," commented PPI Editor and Chairman of the Jury Mark Rushton. With the record number of entries for this year, across 14 categories, it is apparent the industry is embracing innovation as a major business model.

Three new categories were introduced this year: Advances in Innovation in Specialty Papers, Advances in Sustainable Packaging and Breakthrough Technology of the Year. Overall, the categories can be loosely grouped together by Mill & Company awards, Individual awards and Environmental awards.

As we prepare for the final judging and the awards ceremony on November 12 in Brussels, here is a quick review of each category, the 2011 winners and the 2012 finalists.

Mill and Company Awards

Advances in Innovation in Specialty Papers

One of the three new categories for this year, specialty papers has become a growth area for pulp and paper companies to set themselves apart and to add value, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical industries and for industry applications. The winner will be expected to show an exceptional creativity in coming up with a unique and usable product.

2012 Finalists:

  • Carvajal Pulp & Paper, Cali, Colombia - Earth Pact®
  • Middle East Paper Company, Saudi Arabia - Plasterboard grade paper
  • Sappi Alfeld GmbH, Germany - White liner for corrugated board production
  • Smurfit Kappa, Europe - Paper & Board Division - Recycled high performance fluting portfolio
  • Wausau Paper, Rhinelander, WI USA - Eco Select RTTM PCW Release Line

Advances in Innovation in Sustainable Packaging

Another rapidly growing area for the industry, the significance of sustainable packaging is becoming more important as end users are more aware of the environmental benefits of paper. Winning this category means researching, designing, marketing, and producing a product that opens new markets and opportunities.

2012 Finalists:

  • Carvajal Pulp & Paper, Colombia - Earth Pact®
  • Mondi Industrial Sacks, Austria - Biodegradable Valve Bag
  • Papeles y Cartones de Europa SA (Europac), Spain - Icepac
  • Sappi Alfeld GmbH, Germany & Innovia Films - Laminar Structure for Compostable Packaging
  • Smurfit Kappa - Eco Tray
  • Smurfit Kappa - Salad Pack

Business Strategy of the Year

This award is presented to the company that stands out among all others in devising and implementing a successful strategy for running its business. The company that only made intelligent investments or divestments, but truly addressed the needs of its customers and the marketplace will walk away with this award.

2011 winner: Domsjö Fabriker, Sweden

2012 Finalists:

  • Appleton, USA and Domtar, North America collaboration
  • Cascades Sonoco, Birmingham Mill, USA
  • DS Smith, UK
  • Hengan International, China
  • Klabin, Brazil
  • Resolute Forest Products, Canada

Efficiency Improvement of the Year

A host of different elements can be combined to maximize efficiency at the mill, from energy reduction to improved logistics. The top mill from this category will have excelled in production and overall efficiency, either through new investments or transformed performance in a measurable and transparent way.

2011 winner: LC Paper, Spain

2012 Finalists:

  • BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd. Ballarpur Unit, India
  • BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd. Bhigwan Unit, India
  • Cascades Sonoco, Birmingham Mill, USA
  • Middle East Paper Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Mondi SCP Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Innovative Product of the Year (Graphic Paper)

This category is searching for the company that has pulled out all the stops and produced new products that clearly stand out from the more "commoditized" products on the markets. The judges will be looking for creativity and inventiveness from these finalists, as well as real life examples of the work.

2011 winner: Södra Cell, Sweden - DuraPulp (Innovative Product of the Year)

2012 Finalists:

  • Cascades Fine Papers Group, Canada - Checksecur Platinum EnviroTM
  • Gold East Paper Company, China - Art-tech C2S
  • Holmen Paper, Sweden - Holmen TRND

  • Mohawk, USA - Mohawk Panoramic Papers
  • North Pacific Paper Company, North America - Norbrite®92
  • Sappi Fine Paper Europe - Jaz Silk, digital paper
  • Suzano Pulp and Paper, Brazil, -Art Premium PCR®

Managing Risk and Safety

In the last few years, the global pulp and paper industry has faced serious financial and natural disasters. But risk management covers more than dramatic events. The winner in this category will be a company that has been exceptionally innovative in its approach to loss prevention and its ability to manage risk.

2011 winner: Smurfit Kappa España, Spain

2012 Finalists:

  • BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited , Bhigwan Unit, India
  • Coronel Suarez Mill SK, Argentina
  • Emin Leydier, France
  • Middle East Paper Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Mondi Group, Sweden
  • Mondi SCP, Slovkia

Promotional Campaign of the Year

This award is looking for the company that has developed and implemented the most creative, appealing and productive sales and marketing campaign to promote products in the pulp, paper and paperboard industries. The winner will be the one that has pushed the bounds of creativity in an effort to encourage end users to use their product.

2011 winners:

Domtar, Canada - PAPERbecause (Environmental Message)

Ibema Papel, Brazil - Ibema Gravure Contest for Students (Pulp, Paper and Board Product)

2012 Finalists:

  • Arjowiggins Graphic , France- Cocoon Campaign
  • Double A , Thailand- Transforming Paper, Global Campaign
  • DS Smith Packaging - The Design Challenge
  • Finch Paper, USA - Digital Field Guide Campaign
  • Sappi Fine Paper Europe - Houston, the digital universe of paper and printing knowledge
  • Sappi Fine Paper North America, USA- eQ Journal 004: Taking the Guilt out of Paper?
  • Smurfit Kappa Recycling, UK - Be part of Birmingham's Paper Chain
  • Two Sides, UK - No Wonder You Love Paper

(While the judges felt that the Two Sides campaign has done a lot of good for the paper industry as a whole, it did not qualify for this category as it is not a producer and is therefore exempt from winning. However the judges would like to highlight the "Why I Love Paper" campaign as deserving of special recognition.)

Individual Awards

Mill Manager of the Year

This award is presented to an outstanding individual in the pulp and paper business, the often overlooked mill manager. Judges will be looking for a top performer who has combined the intricate balance of running a mill, while taking into account the highest levels of safety and environmental awareness.

2011 winner: Karl Heinz Gerlach - Smurfit Kappa Group, Herzberger Papierfabrik, Germany

2012 Finalists:

  • Emmanuel Boullay- Cascades Sonoco, Birmingham Mill, USA
  • I.N.Guha - Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited, Bhigwan Unit, India
  • Farid Ibragimov- Mondi Syktyvkar, Russia
  • Subrahmanyam Sv- Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd, India

Global CEO of the Year

The award for the top chief executive will be presented to the outstanding leader who has set themselves apart in the world of pulp and paper. To win this always difficult category, the CEO will have delivered a strong company performance using the various elements of the business, including overall strategy, financial performance and leadership qualities.

2011 winner: Paul Herbert, CEO, Ilim Group - Russia

2012 Finalists:

  • Mark Gardner, President and CEO of Sappi Fine Paper North America
  • Richard Garneau, President and CEO of Resolute Forest Products, USA
  • Xu Lianjie, CEO, Hengan International, China
  • Miles Roberts, CEO, DS Smith, UK
  • Sami Ali Al Safran, CEO, Middle East Paper Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Fabio Schvartsman, CEO, Klabin, Brazil

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