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Dairy cows and wood pulp boost exports from Port of Eastport in Maine

Thu, Feb 14, 2013

EASTPORT, ME, Feb. 14, 2013 (Bangor Daily News) -Despite fewer metric tons of cargo being shipped in 2012 than during the previous year, the Port of Eastport had another profitable year of sending dairy cows and wood pulp to ports of call as far over the horizon as China.

In 2011, the deepwater port at Estes Head - at 64 feet the deepest natural seaport in the continental United States - handled 430,025 metric tons of cargo and finished that year with revenues of $1.56 million that exceeded expenses of $1.17 million, leaving a surplus of $390,000. Last year, the tonnage dropped slightly to 411,561, with revenues of $1.63 million exceeding expenses of $1.38 million, generating a $250,000 surplus.

While most of each year's surplus is rolled over to fund port facility improvements, beneficiaries of the port's financial success include the residents of Eastport.

Bangor Daily News - Dairy cow, pulp exports help Port of Eastport generate $250,000 surplus in 2012

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