Eldorado exports first 2,500 tonnes of pulp through Santos port

By Marina Faleiros Fri, Jan 11, 2013

SAO PAULO, Jan. 11, 2013 (RISI) -Brazil's Eldorado shipped its first pulp batches this week through Santos port, in São Paulo state, located around 800 km from its Três Lagoas 1.5 million tonnes/yr pulp mill. The company stated that 2,500 tonnes of bleached eucalyptus kraft (BEK) pulp will be delivered to Mobile, AL, in the United States.

"We will produce 1.4 million tonnes of pulp in 2013 and 90% of that volume will be exported through Santos," Eldorado said in a statement.

Santos port authorities believe that Eldorado's operation will boost the pulp and paper share at the port. In 2013, 1.815 million tonnes of pulp and paper were exported from Santos, and this number may be almost doubled with Eldorado's shipments this year. According to port data, in the past three years pulp and paper export values were stable, moving from $1.016 million in 2010 (12 months) to $945,757 in 2012 (Jan.-Nov.).

The biggest pulp-specialized port in Brazil, Portocel, controlled by Fibria and Cenibra and located in Espírito Santo state, shipped 5.6 million tonnes of pulp in 2010.

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