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Van Houtum receives international WWF Environmental Paper Award 2012 for its cradle to cradle-certified hygienic paper

By Mon, Nov 19, 2012

SWALMEN, The Netherlands, Nov. 20, 2012 (Press Release) -Van Houtum received the international WWF Environmental Paper Award 2012 on 13 November. We won this award because our Cradle to Cradle-certified hygienic paper, Satino Black, scores highly in the area of environmental performance.

A total of 11 companies received the award because they are transparent about their production process or achieve outstanding environmental performance with a specific product. Van Houtum is the only winner from the Netherlands.

The award is an initiative of the World Nature Fund and designed to put the spotlight on companies that have submitted their brands for inclusion in the WWF Check Your Paper database. A listing in this database demonstrates how transparent the producers are and how sustainable their production chain is. The database can be viewed via the WWF website: Buyers can use this information when selecting specific companies or products.

The winning brands achieve a score of at least 90 percent in terms of overall environmental performance, or are assigned the maximum attainable five-star rating in the forest, water and climate performance categories. Satino Black complies with both requirements, achieving five stars in all of the categories and a score of 98 percent.

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