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West Fraser investing $600,000 on odour reduction system at Hinton pulp mill in Alberta

By Wed, Feb 19, 2014

HINTON, AB, Feb. 19, 2014 (Local News) -The pulp mill's new odour treatment system is working and fewer residents are complaining, says the environmental superintendent.

Since installing a new hydrogen peroxide system to treat their wastewater in April of 2013, Hinton Pulp has noted "significant improvement" in the reduction of odour complaints, according to Jennifer Fowler, technical and environmental superintendent at the mill. The peroxide works to oxidize the total reduced sulphur chemicals (which includes hydrogen sulphide and its rotten egg smell) in the liquid effluent, resulting in lower levels being emitted into the town's air from the treatment ponds.

Currently the mill is evaluating the use of chlorine dioxide, which could work to oxidize even more of the sulphide and reduce the stench further.

Hinton Parklander - Pulp mill spends $600k/yr on new odour reduction system

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