Resolute Forest Products launches Boreal Forest Facts website to coincide with United Nations' 2014 International Day of Forests

By Fri, Mar 21, 2014

MONTREAL, QC, March 21, 2014 (CNW) -

Resolute Forest Products Inc. today launched the Boreal Forest Facts website ( to coincide with the United Nations' 2014 International Day of Forests, providing a new digital resource highlighting the company's ongoing efforts to promote sustainable forest management in one of the world's most vibrant ecosystems.

"Canadians have much to be proud of when it comes to the sustainable management of our forests," said Richard Garneau, president and chief executive officer. "This site will offer a wealth of information about the boreal, the forest products industry, and the future of this renewable resource upon which so many of us depend."

Resolute recognizes the importance of sustainable forestry practices. The company depends on a vibrant, sustainable boreal forest. Canada stands as a global leader in sustainable forest management, and in fact, a study by Yale University identified Canada's forestry laws and regulations as among the most stringent in the world. Less than a quarter of one percent of the boreal is harvested each year, with five times that amount affected annually by natural disturbances such as fire, disease and insects. Well over 40% of the boreal is wholly out of bounds for the forest products industry in both Ontario and Quebec. Of the area available for harvesting, additional portions (38% in Quebec, and 34% in Ontario) have been set aside for conservation or other purposes.

These facts and many more can be found on Boreal Forest Facts. Other featured topics include Forest Stewardship; Safeguarding Caribou; First Nations; and Why Sustainability Makes Business Sense.

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