Newspaper editorial says Nova Scotia should charge Northern Pulp mill over pollution as precipitator project is due in 2015

By Fri, Aug 01, 2014

HALIFAX, NS, Aug. 1, 2014 ( -The stink that citizens of Pictou County are justifiably raising this week over pollution from the Northern Pulp mill in Abercrombie Point is almost as striking as the smell and smog that now hangs over neighbouring communities like Pictou.

Company spokesman David MacKenzie conceded this week that emissions have gone up in recent months as the mill's precipitator, installed when it opened in 1967, deteriorates.

Northern Pulp had said it would install a new precipitator in May, but has told local media that it is trying to speed up delivery so the new equipment can be installed in February or March. The precipitator recovers chemicals for reuse, waste to generate heat and power, and traps particulate matter, or tiny separate particles.

Chronicle Herald - EDITORIAL: N.S. should charge polluting pulp mill

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