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City of Everett, WA, plans to sue Kimberly-Clark to cover former mill site with topsoil

By Tue, Jul 15, 2014

EVERETT, WA, July 15, 2014 (Local News) -The city of Everett plans to sue Kimberly-Clark to make the company cover up the land with fresh dirt where its longtime paper mill once stood.

The City Council unanimously voted to go forward with a lawsuit demanding the leftover site of the demolished Kimberly-Clark Mill be covered with at least one foot of topsoil and grass.

The lawsuit would stem from a year-old demand the city made which Kimberly-Clark would not capitulate to - the company says it's not the city's domain to decide what goes on the land. The company also says the crushed concrete it spread over the site is a superior alternative.

Snohomish County Tribune - Everett plans to sue Kimberly-Clark over mill site fill

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