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Cascades named Enzymatic Deinking Technologies as winner of its fifth edition of 2013 Sustainable Supplier Award

By Wed, Feb 05, 2014

KINGSEY FALLS, QC, Feb. 5, 2014 (Press Release) -Yesterday, Cascades disclosed the name of the winner of the fifth edition of the Sustainable Supplier Award, a distinction that aims to recognize best business practices among suppliers who have made a commitment to sustainable development. Initiated by the Company's Corporate Procurement Department, this award enables Cascades to publicly underline the efforts of suppliers who have a positive impact on its products, processes and manufacturing methods. Projects undertaken are also assessed on their environmental, social and economic impact. This year, EDT earned top honours.

About EDT

Suppliers play a crucial role in the value chain of manufacturing companies such as Cascades. EDT and Cascades began working together last year when the Norampac containerboard mill in Kingsey Falls was testing the use of enzymes at the same time that the product was introduced at the tissue papers mill in Oregon. The results were positive, and the enzymatic modification program using the Refinase® product line was launched in a dozen other paperboard and tissue-producing Cascades units in 2013.

Enzymes - An Overview

Enzymes are highly specific proteins that occur naturally and act as catalysts to drive biological or chemical processes. EDT's business focuses on its knowledge of these macromolecules and how they can benefit the paper industry. By using a tailored enzyme blend paper mills can modify fibres and, as a result, their manufacturing process, yielding several positive enhancements. These include lower paper weight for the same physical strength, a reduction in drying energy and electricity consumption, better paper machine efficiency, higher fibre yield, reduced use of petroleum-based chemicals and improve water quality. In addition, enzyme products are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being among the safest products for paper mills, which is an added advantage in terms of worker safety.

James Tausche, co-founder and CEO of EDT, thanked Cascades for the honour: "The Sustainable Supplier Award is an excellent incentive for companies to work harder and aim higher for a client. The sense of accomplishment itself feels good, but receiving a public award from this company in particular is even more rewarding." Convinced that EDT's expertise can provide Cascades with a wide range of benefits, such as increased production and efficiency and lower costs per ton, Tausche added that EDT would like to continue deploying its enzyme technology in every unit of the Company in the coming years.

The Sustainable Supplier Award is a prime example of the importance Cascades places on good business relations. According to Cascades CEO Mario Plourde, "Innovative products and manufacturing processes are often the result of concrete solutions proposed by suppliers. Taking the time to recognize these suppliers' efforts and commitment is only fair."

The prize was awarded at the annual meeting of the hundred or so Cascades plant managers in North America, an excellent venue for suppliers wishing to promote their expertise among even more mills, which whom they have not yet had the chance to work.

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