Press Release

Metsä fibre plans 24-day maintenance shutdown at its Joutseno pulp mill in June; to reduce output by 50,000 tonnes

By Tue, May 13, 2014

ESPOO, Finland, May 14, 2014 (Press Release) -Metsä fibre will arrange a maintenance shutdown at its Joutseno mill in June. The 24-day stoppage will reduce total pulp output by about 50,000 tonnes.

The shutdown will enable replacement of the furnace bottom and modernisation of the recovery boiler combustion air system. A new woodchip silo will also be installed at this time.

The new furnace bottom will ensure the safety and continued operating reliability of the boiler, and the more advanced combustion air system will also reduce NOx emissions. These modifications will further improve environmental performance at the Joutseno mill, even though this facility already satisfies the criteria for best available technology. The new woodchip silo will also improve plant availability and reduce production losses, while also benefiting neighbours by capturing silo fumes for combustion in the recovery boiler.

All Metsä Fibre mills shut down for an annual maintenance period. Planned stoppages ensure that these mills continue to operate reliably at high capacity, enabling the company to serve as a dependable pulp supplier.

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