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Paper Excellence shuts Prince Albert pulp mill biomass plant; company is hiring toward planned 2015 mill restart

By Fri, Aug 01, 2014

PRINCE ALBERT, SK, Aug. 1, 2014 (Local News) -Prince Albert Pulp Incorporated, which operates a green energy project that burns waste wood to create energy, currently supplies about 10 megawatts to the provincial power grid. But without quality wood being created on the site, the product simply wasn't feasible.

Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne said he had heard that the fuel they were burning wasn't great so he isn't entirely surprised by the news.

"That system wasn't working and was costing them way too much to bring in wood to burn," Dionne said. "If the mill was up and running, the generation plant would just live off the waste matter from that plant, so it would be a big difference to get it back up and running.

Prince Albert Daily Herald - Mill closes wood-burning operation for now

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