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Nippon Paper’s idle $85 million biomass cogen plant to undergo upgrades in September at Washington mill

By Thu, Jun 12, 2014

PORT ANGELES, WA, June 12, 2014 (Peninsula Daily News ) -Nippon Paper Industries USA's upgraded $85 million biomass cogeneration plant, which has not been fully operational since it was dedicated in November, continues to be shut down and will undergo major surgery this fall.

The new facility's mud drum, a water-pressurized main component of the new boiler, and 1,560 pieces of piping will be replaced beginning in September, mill manager Steve Johnson said Wednesday, predicting the new facility should be up and running by October.

"We don't know how much the final cost is going to be, but it will be substantial," Johnson said.

Peninsula Daily News - Nippon biomass cogeneration plant remains offline; Port Angeles facility slated to undergo repairs starting in September

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