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International Paper faces ‘Catch-22’ in proposed gas pipeline for Ticonderoga, NY, mill

By Mon, Jul 08, 2013

MIDDLEBURY, VT, July 8, 2013 (Local News) -In Shoreham last week residents asked some difficult questions of the primary beneficiary of a Vermont Gas Systems pipeline that seeks to cross through the town en route from Middlebury to Ticonderoga, N.Y. The responses caught International Paper in a Catch-22 scenario: the paper company had to represent the need for the lower cost fuel as something so important it might be the difference between staying open or closing, yet when questioned about the plant's fragile long-term viability, plant officials had to suggest that it had a bright future because the hardwood forest that feeds the mill were nearby and relatively rare and such a valuable resource could not found in many places around the world.

Addison Independent - Editorial: A Catch-22 for International Paper

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