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Hindustan Paper’s Cachar mill in India faces coal crisis in addition to bamboo shortage

By Wed, Jul 16, 2014

SILCHAR, India, July 16, 2014 (Local News) -Besides bamboo crunch, the burgeoning fund constraints, lacklustre approach by the elected local representatives and apathy of the Government has made the Cachar Paper Mill at Panchgram, a feeble industry despite immense potential and possibility. And now the threat of severe coal shortage is looming large over this solitary heavy industry in the Barak Valley.

Due to a petition filed by the All Dimasa Students' Union, district unit committee at Dima Hasao on the unscientific coal mining at Meghalaya, the supply of coal from Meghalaya to the Cachar Paper Mill, a unit of Hindustan paper Corporation has been stopped since May 15 this year and even the extracted coal cannot be loaded and supplied due to dispute over its quantity between Meghalaya and the owners of the mines. The mill fraternity is apprehending that come July 25, the existing stock of 12000 MT of coal will be consumed and there will be no production henceforth, unless the deadlock is solved.

The Assam Tribune - Cachar Paper Mill may face coal crisis

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